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MyFuelSight™ Removes the Barriers to Bringing EMV Compliance to C-Stores

Cost and complexity are the leading reasons an estimated 48,000 C-Store and fuel-site operators have not completed EMV upgrades. MyFuelSight from Blue Pump Software provides C-Store operators with an EMV-compliant POS solution that is a fraction of the cost of many competing EMV POS products on the market today.

Leveraging a Clover POS and a user-friendly app, MyFuelSight is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to maintain. In addition to a lower-cost, hardware solution, MyFuelSight offers marketers greater flexibility in regard to support and maintenance fees. Instead of paying fees all at one time, a year in advance, MyFuelSight offers fee structures that allow the merchant to pay support and maintenance along the way – daily, weekly or monthly. This eliminates the initial financial burden of large one-time annual software agreement fees required by many older-model POS systems.

Process Transactions Seamlessly with the Industry’s Leading Processor Network –
First Data® BuyPass™

Complete, Lower-Cost Solutions

Complete, Low-Cost Solution

The MyFuelSight point-of-sale system achieves EMV compliance at a fraction of the cost of competing POS platforms, and provides back-office tools to C-Stores that may have previously been restricted by cost.

Leverages Recognized Brands

Leverages Recognized Brands

MyFuelSight leverages solutions and services from industry-recognized brands including Clover POS technology and First Data Corporation payment processing.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Fast and Easy Deployment

MyFuelSight is easy to install and deploy, especially compared to other EMV solutions on the market. In addition, the Clover POS’s app-based software eliminates complex configuration requirements.